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One of our Design Team members can help you achieve that Custom Look


Everyone needs a “best friend” who is in the biz when it comes to working on interiors.  You just do.  So many decisions to be made–but in a field where aesthetics aren’t your average board room quorum.  The Arrangement’s Design Team is the Best of the New West.  As a team they are unrivaled when it comes to helping you make the right selection or problem solving an “interior” dilemma, ranging from finding the right coffee table to designing an entire home or office. They bring expertise and creative ingenuity; working from blueprints or photographs, they will help you find the perfect solution.


“We create a home that entertains,” observes owner, Katherine Snedeker, “so that it’s unique, not cookie-cutter.  Our clients don’t want what everyone else has.  Our goal is to fashion a collection that works together, but doesn’t match.  That is very hard to do.  You can’t apply traditional design techniques to this style.  It’s about collections, and collecting, textures on texture, and pattern on pattern.  We go where others fear to tread.”


The Arrangement’s Design Team has completed hundreds of projects across the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, and Europe. If you find yourself sitting on the fence, in a quagmire of indecision, call any Design Team member and you will be helped through the process effortlessly and have fun doing it.

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