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Responses to Ashfall at SCSU

- Wonderful moving show. It was great to meet you!


- I could really feel the art, as you said. I have been so in such silence - in reverence, in rememberance, in faith. Thank you.


- Very moving and full of expression. Thank you.


- There is so much history, pain, beauty, and depression in your art. I am fortunate to know you.


- Your work is stunning and breathtaking! Thank you for your courage in sharing our culture's past and giving meaning to our strength to perservere. Yoor work has brought life back for all those who perished. Thank you.


- I really enjoyed this exhibit and installation. I must agree with Dr. Levine, the lace drawings are breathtaking and inspired. You've really captured the feelings of loss and devastation.


- Very powerful exhibition. You found a perfect medium to express these very special messages. The end result is stunning. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to meet you.


- An astonishing, heart rending, beautiful exhibition - essential. Thank you!


- It's been a pleasure talking with and learning from you such a wealth of information. As a young artist I find you very inspiring. I would love to impact and comment on the world as well as you with my work. Art is important in that way.


- Your work is incredibly moving. As I angled to the left or right of the piece, the shifting light would change my impression of what I am seeing. All illusive as is when I try to grasp the why of the men who perpetrated this. I seem to drift following the humanity of your images, and am left more hunman because of it.


- Thank you for bringing your talents and gifts to Southern. You are a special artist, with a capital "A". Bravo.


- My dad's father was ordered to become a Turkish soldier, and so he did, to save the lives of his family. My dad was a hard worker, making sure that there would always be food on the table. My dad spoke very little of the trauma he had been through. My praises to your work. We must always be thankful. Thank you.


- Powerful. Haunting. Evoking - the spirits are present - moving me. We must never, never, never forget. Armenian genocide is genocide of the humanity.


- Beautiful, heart-breaking work.


- This is an incredible introduction to a part of history.


- This display is like nothing I've ever seen before. Thank you for sharing it with us.


- Thank you for sharing your heart and the story of my family.


- My heart is at ease with the truth! Thank you.

See More of Barsamian’s Work



Barsamian adds another perspective and depth to symposium on the Armenian genocide thru his art.


Below are just a few of his galleries.


View all of the artist's work here.

3 Degrees of Separation

(Paintings and Drawings, 2012)

Absence / Presence (Paintings, 2005)

Reality / Dreams (Paintings, 2009)

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