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Mother's Day Gift Basket DIY

Who else waited until the last minute AGAIN to purchase a Mother's Day gift? Yep, I'm with ya. So what's a girl to do? Well, remember the days when you were little and would bring your mom some tacky handmade item created out of cheerios and love? Let's channel that inner child again to make a fabulous and personal gift!

This gift basket was WAY fun to put together and super simple to assemble. It can be as big or as little as you want and you can easily customize it for whomever you are giving it to. You would just need to get things that you know they will love in shades of your chosen color. And really, you could use it for any occasion – birthdays, baby showers, graduation gifts – the options are endless. And you can keep the cost as low as you need – mine was only $35!

I simply decided on a pink color palette and went shopping. But I also wanted to keep the overall price point low, so I decide the best place to get unique and chic items would be TJMaxx. I started with the basket, and worked my way down the aisles looking for anything that was pink and went with my chosen theme – "relaxation". Here are the fun and interesting items I found at TJMaxx that were pink and felt like a spa-related item.

Pink Items:

-Pink Strawberry Meringues $3.99

-Pink Sprinkled Chocolate Cookies $2.99

-Pink Clay Powder Face Mask $5.99

-Pink Handmade Rose Soap $3.99

-Pink Essie Nail Polish $3.99

-Pink Fuchsia Hand Soap $3.99

-Pink Spa Eye Mask $4.99


-Wire Basket $4.99

-Pink Ribbon (already had) $0.00

-Tiny Floral Card (already had) $0.00

-Tissue Paper (already had) $0.00

Total Cost: $35 before tax

Assembly was super easy. Here are my steps to achieve this basket, but keep in mind you can decorate, add in, or take out any element however you want to create it your own way.

1) Thread ribbon through wire basket and tie off with a bow. Cut uneven ends if needed.

2) Add in tissue paper to bottom layer first before placing items in basket. I only used a few sheets for this layer.

3) Add in all items facing the same direction and try to keep each item from getting buried.

4) Add in more tissue paper as needed to prop up items, add depth, or separate pieces from bunching up.

5) Write a sweet message in the small card. Mine said

"MOM, We are tickled PINK that you're our mom!"

6) Include the card in the basket for your mother to find!

And there you have it – a super simple, super fun, and super affordable DIY gift basket for your mom for Mother's Day. What items would you add? Have you tried making a gift basket before? What are you takeaways? Please comment below!

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