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New Obsession: Agate

For those of you who don't know, agates are gemstones made of silicon dioxide in the form of quartz crystals. The colors and design within are influenced by changes in pressure, temperature, and mineral content. So these beautiful gems (literally) are found naturally in rock formations and each agate is unique with absolutely stunning designs inside!

Photo courtesy of Etsy.

These beautiful gems are popping up EVERYWHERE: wedding decorations, home decor, accessories + jewelry - you name it. There are even TONS of DIY projects on Pinterest of items to make with agate slices or rocks. Primarily a volcanic rock, agate is known for its unique, swirling layers of colors. Suffice it to say that stylists, artists, and vendors have picked up on it to use in weddings, parties, decor items, and so much more. This unusual yet exquisite trend really sets the tone for a one of a kind experience. Not to mention that their vibrant hues and naturally unique patterns are the perfect blend of modern + boho chic.

For ideas on how to use agate in your home or next party, check out my Pinterest board here:

Do you have any great examples of a new and fun way to use agate in your home decor, next fashion trend, or party? Leave details below!

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