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Simple Valentine's Gift Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day! Did you get your significant other a gift already? If you're like me and waited until today, then here are a few ideas to get you motivated to get it together!

Picture from Pizzazzerie Blog

Need a super cute (yet guy-friendly) gift idea that's fast and easy? Grab his favorite whiskey from your local liquor store, and print out this cute printable found here. Not only is this gift a last minute time saver, but I'm pretty sure there's not a guy out there who wouldn't appreciate it!

Not to make it sound like guys only like alcohol and food, but hey - don't we all? This cute basket idea is something you can make from items in your house and fill with Reese's options from your local grocery store. Gift idea, assembly instructions, and cute printable tags found here.

Want something more, er, spicy? Try this adorable Spin the Bottle game for two found here. Print out the pieces, grab a bottle of liquor, and play away. Extra spicy: every time you land on a "50" spot, take a shot!

For more ideas on Valentine's decorating or recipes, visit my Pinterest page:

Well there you go - a gift idea list for your sexy other half. Have other fun ideas to add to the list? Leave ideas in the comments below!

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