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Getting My A*# In Gear - Part II

On my last blog post I wrote about getting my body in shape for summer. I'm using a workout plan I found to keep me on track, and the past couple of days have proven to be successful.

However, as most fitness trainers and gurus will tell you, losing weight is 80% diet and 20% fitness. The reason dieting is so much more effective than exercise is because it takes a ton of activity to create even a 500 calorie deficit through working out alone. Essentially, you would have to run up to 10 miles a day to lose one pound a week.... sounds tough, huh? The good news is you don't have to have an exact 80/20 ratio, but here's the bottom line: you can lose weight without exercise, but you cannot lose weight if you don't change your diet.

Below is a chart I found on Women's Health that breaks down how one can burn as many calories as day as they possibly can without starving or running a marathon.

In order for my workouts to really go the farthest they can, I am implementing a new diet regimen as well. I'm not going to find some silly diet that plans out my whole week, and I'm not going to eat only kale and quinoa for the next six months. However, I AM going to cut out all the things I already know are making it harder to lose weight: gummy bears, ice cream, cookies, weekend beer/mimosas, and salty snacks. I am also going to focus on portion control. That way, I can still keep my pastas, breads, and dairy, but only in super small portion sizes. Everyone who has been on a diet before will tell you that the best diet is the one you actually to.

Want to see some great diet and exercise goals, meal prep recipes, and fun workouts? Check out my Pinterest board for all my favorite picks:

Have you recently started a new diet or exercise goal? What has been working for you? What doesn't work for you? Please leave a comment below!

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