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Nail Wraps Product Review


I just tried nail wraps for the first time and they were AMAZE-BALLS!! So I'm giving you today my honest review for this nifty product.

Lets start with some cold hard facts. FACT: I am NOT an affiliate of this product, just a customer who is completely satisfied. FACT: I am a woman who likes having nice nails. FACT: I cannot do my own nails to save my life.

No really, it's true..

Painting my nails, trimming them smoothly and evenly, maintaining them - all out of my area of expertise. I spent the first half of my teens and twenties paying tons of money for acrylic nails, and the second half embracing my more "natural side" (i.e. too broke and/or lazy to get my nails done).

Then I found these bad*$# nail wraps and I have to say I am blown away! Here's what the packaging looks like:

Photo courtesy of From My Vanity.

And here's how my nails turned out after I was finished:

Cute huh?

And here's the website where you can purchase other styles (this one is already last season since I was holding on to them for several months). There is also a tutorial here.

This is hands down the best nail product I have EVER used. And surprisingly they lasted for almost a week. That seems like a short time, but since I didn't do the most terrific job of putting them on (because once again, me + nail design = disaster) they wouldn't have lasted that long anyway.

Here's what they would look like if someone with more patience and talent than me had done this tutorial:

I tried looking for a different style on their website I liked, but most of them are too far out there for nail designs. So I did a little research and found only one other company seems to be doing nail wraps and that is Jamberry. However, I will say I am disappointed that the nail wraps from Scratch were only $8, and all of the Jamberry wraps are $15. If I wanted to pay $15 to paint my nails, I would pay someone $15 to paint my nails. Unless they can be used for multiple uses, it doesn't seem like a super deal. Also, Jamberry requires you to purchase their mini nail heater to even apply the wraps, which is more money and extra effort than Scratch. So I'm kind of frustrated that I can't seem to find a cheap but professional alternative for nail wraps.

Have you ever used nail wraps? How did you like them? Do you know of another company/brand that sells what I am looking for a reasonable price? Leave a comment below!


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