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I Actually Tried a Recipe!

So let me give you a hint why this is incredible news - I don't cook. Ever. For anyone, including myself. Why you ask? Do you not know how? Do you burn everything you cook? Do you not like cooking? Would you rather spend your free time doing something else?

Growing up, everyone in my extended family was fairly excellent in the kitchen. My family spent many summers at my grandmothers in Kentucky where she taught me and my sister not only basic cooking skills, but delicious Southern recipes. Both of my parents were fair in the kitchen and we did eat home cooked meals as a family quite often. But to be honest, I was never really all that interested. Could it be I didn't like the work? Was I afraid of failing? To this day I am still not sure... What I am sure of is that it is HIGH TIME I learn to cook for not only myself, but for my future husband and family.

My boyfriend and I were invited to a small get together at a friend's house, and everyone coming was encouraged to bring a dish. Knowing the kind of talent I was up against, I didn't want to simply be the one who brings the cups and napkins again! I really wanted to impress my friends and my boyfriend, and prove to myself I could actually follow a recipe.

Since I would definitely consider myself an amateur in the kitchen, I wanted to start with something flashy but simple to make. Where did I go for inspiration? Pinterest, of course! I typed in "easy appetizers" in the search bar, and then selected "fast" as the add on category. And one of the first ones that popped up was this:


The pin led to this buzzfeed video. The video had four different recipes for quick sliders, and I thought the BBQ chicken would be the easiest one for me to recreate. I will say having to play and pause the video over and over again to get the ingredients list or for directions was SUPER annoying, but after playing with it I just decided to click on the pin and go to the website here, which lists everything you need.

I ran to the store to grab everything, which wasn't anything to hard to find, and got to cookin'. First I started with the chicken, since the recipe calls for chicken already cooked. I'll be completely honest, I actually didn't know how to cook chicken, so I did have to look it up to see what the internal temperature needed to be and how long to cook it!! After that, it was a pretty simple recipe to follow, and it only took about 30 minutes (including prep time) to make.

They looked amazing when done, and when I arrived, everyone dug right in. They all LOVED it! I could not have been any more proud! There weren't very many left over when we got done, either.

So without further adieu, here is the super simple, oh-so-quick recipe I treid that even a NEWBIE can follow:



–12-pack of dinner rolls

–3 cups cooked chicken

–⅓ cup BBQ sauce

–½ red onion, thinly sliced

–6 slices pepper Jack cheese

–¼ cup parsley, finely chopped

–2 tablespoons melted butter


1. Preheat oven to 350°F/175°C

2. Slice the rolls in half lengthwise

3. Place the bottom half on a 9x13 baking tray

4. Spread the chicken evenly on the rolls, followed by the BBQ sauce, red onion, Jack cheese, and parsley

5. Place the remaining half of the rolls on top

6. Pour melted butter on top

7. Bake for 20 minutes

8. Slice around rolls for an easier separation and ENJOY!!

Servings: 12

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