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New to Wine? I am!

So I'm not sure about you, but college changed my opinions about my drink preferences. First, I started out like most college students who just turned 21 - mixed drinks and shots. Then I met my boyfriend and his beer pong playing friends and it was all downhill from there! I've been drinking beer ever since...

As I near the ripe 'ol age of 30, I am searching for a drink that feels a bit more - er classy? I'm tired of going to restaurants or fancier bars and ordering cheap beers. I am ready to get involved in the world of wine! The problem is, I don't seem to enjoy wine. I've been to three wine tastings where different kinds of wines were showcased and I have YET to find something I actually want to drink again. I've tried red wines and white wines and everything in between, but I haven't found MY wine.

Until now! I went to a friends house last week and tried her homemade Sangria and it was delicious! I honestly couldn't stop thinking about it, so the next time I went to the store I did a double take when I saw this: Yellow Tail Sangria.

Now I knew when I saw the bottle that it obviously wasn't actually the kind of Sangria you make with tea, seeing as how it comes in a wine bottle. But I thought I ought to give it a try and branch out to something new. And it was so DELICIOUS!

The Yellow Tail website describes the wine as: "inspired by the traditional drink of Spain, Sangria combines premium red wine with a splash of sweet citrus for a party-starter in a bottle." The flavors are lemon, lime, and orange. They even suggest enjoying it in a jug with ice, topped with diced lemon and orange. I literally drank it out of the bottle (into a wine glass of course- I'm not THAT bad!), and I thought it was delicious without any prep work.

It was sweet enough to hook me (I tend to like sweeter wine), but not so sweet my boyfriend gets a headache afterwards! And it was a red wine, but it was much fruitier than most reds. I want to bring this to every dinner party and gathering I go to – I finally found my classy drink!

Are you new to wine? Have any suggestions for someone who can't seem to find something they like? Comment below!

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