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Calm + Cool Bathroom

I'm FINALLY updating our apartment bathroom! I've had our bathroom decor scheme for well over 7 years now and I have been dying to change it up. Not because I hate it or don't want to keep it, but because I am ready to tone down the colors in there. I didn't think to take any before pictures, but it was red and yellow and had a world traveler theme feel to it, which makes sense, since I purchased most of the pieces at World Market!

Knowing I wanted a whole different feeling to the bathroom, and that it needed to be more calming when I wake up the morning, I went for colors on the total opposite side of the color wheel. I chose to start with the blue family. For me, the shower curtain is what creates the whole feel to the bathroom, which make sense since it's the biggest piece of material, color, pattern, etc. in the bathroom. After choosing several different curtains, I decided to keep this one from you guessed it - World Market.

After choosing one with this many colors in it, the possibilities were endless. I had several different shades of blues, turquoise, greens, and grays to work with, along with the basic white. Finding the decor was easy. All I needed was items with those colors, like a toothpaste cup, a flower vase, and miscellaneous object containers. I started with TJMaxx and Homegoods and then worked my way back to World Market. I also gathered as many pieces as I could spare from other areas of the apartment to use here (turns out I have decor to spare, which isn't that surprising if you know me LOL).

The towels were a bit harder to decide on, since I wanted one with a interesting texture like these from Target.

We also grabbed these from Target for our "guest towels". The bath mat is from World Market.

There you have it! My new bathroom is so much more calm and stress-free :) Have you recently updated a small bathroom like mine? Tell me details below!

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